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In Not So Many Words

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 Jonathan Jackson is a writer from Youngstown, Ohio residing in New Orleans, LA. A poet and songwriter, the author's writing career began in college following a lifelong passion for song writing. The next 10 years of his career were spent writing and collecting his pieces in forms varying from essays, poetry, and think pieces. 

The debut work, In Not So Many Words, is a collection of works taken from various independent projects, notes, and voice memos compiled over 10 years. "Bed Peace" became the first published poem by Jackson, appearing in 2019 on the hosted poetry blog- everyday people, everyday poetry. The author cites James Baldwin, Jericho Brown, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Jhene Aiko among his favorite poets.











I write because I observe. I write because I feel. I write to transcribe what my spirit is saying about both experiences.

                             -J. Jackson

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